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Place the fioor rack

Place the fioor rack

Product description
Shelving characteristics
(1) unique structure: carbon steel chromium-plated mesh and pillar are combined together to form a unique structure. With smart design, easy loading and unloading, clean and bright, strong carbon steel chromium-plated mesh can promote air circulation, reduce dust accumulation, open design, and make storage visible at a glance.
(2) flexible: there is a groove ring for each inch of the supports, and the height of the mesh can be adjusted at will (increasing or decreasing per inch). Can be combined according to actual needs, can be extended to the left and right (the same width) or forward and backward arbitrary connection (the same length). Add various accessories, can be combined into a variety of functions of products, such as v-hook, light tube, can be combined into a clothes rack; Add directional handle, wheel, can be combined into a dining car or cart; Add space piece, side piece, can be combined into bookshelf and so on. Chromium-plated housing
(3) extensive use: the product model and specifications are very complete, which can meet the demand of any space, and can constitute a series of products for different USES, such as kitchen series, living room series, bedroom series, study office series, as well as mall, hotel, factory or household series, product display rack series, etc.    
(4) maximum force: each layer of micro series mesh can carry 50KG, while household series mesh can carry 100-250kg.  
A variety of styles,be able to customize!!
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